Friday, October 19, 2012

A Kamanawana Marathon Swim Update and why I swim for LGBT Elders.

ideas for fundraisers      In a society that is so youth obsessed it is important to bring attention to the needs of the elderly among. Some of the ways I combat this issue is through regular volunteer work and through marathon swimming for charity. Every year I conduct a marathon swim across some body of water around the world to raise money for SAGE, an LGBT elders organization. On Nov, 1st my fifth annual marathon swim for charity this year will be swimming an 8-mile (13K) non-stop, lone swim from the islands of Maui to Lanai and it is called, Kamanawana Marathon Swim.

Update: On October, 22nd 2012 I arrive in Kauai, Hawaii to begin rigorous long distance open ocean swim training. I am proud to announce that thus far we have raised $6,300 out of a $10,000 goal for Kamanawana Marathon Swim for SAGE. We are so close to achieving that goal and with 10 days left I could really use the help of those who have not yet donated, and for those that have, thank you so much and continue to spread the word. Please consider sponsoring my swim with a donation of at least $30 or more.

Every donation is eligible for a tax deduction.  Donate securely online today!

A special thanks to Margaret Jacob, a SAGE Investors Circle donor and Professor of History at UCLA, for making a $5,000 matching gift to my Kamanawana Swim! We're almost there and I need your help to support LGBT older adults around the country!

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