Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A few photos of my Kauai paradise

It has been two days since I arrived on the island paradise of Kauai, the garden island of Hawaii. Here are some photos of where I'm staying and some of the sites I've seen thus far. Tomorrow my beautiful man, Brendan will be joining me. Can you think of a better place to train for my Kamanawana Marathon Swim next week? If Heaven had a zip code, it would be 96756 :  )
The house in Koloa owned by Robert Schleck,
a dear friend of mine who has lived here since 1969.
Robert Schleck (left) and Robert Noble, my two good friends 
who host me and take the best care of me.
My suite : )
The horse across the street, looks like Africa a little.
Scenery to die for.
Red dirt stream
Waimea, Grand Canyon of the Pacific
Salt Pond Beach
Some more greenery for the soul
This is how much fun I am having.

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