Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Donna Feldman's Birthday Bash in LA

       Super fabulous and ultra chic, Donna Feldman had a birthday bash in Studio City, CA this past weekend and it was off the hook. Now a lady never reveals her true age so lets just say Donna can legally buy liquor and car insurance in any state in this great ol' USA. With her family and friends by her side, Donna was able to celebrate yet one more revolution around the sun looking as gorgeous as ever. We snapped some cool shots at the party and as is evident we were all dressed to impress and party hardy till it got tardy, mazel tov!
My parents (Amos and Esther) and myself right before we left for Donna's party.
Me, Donna and Brendan McGovern
Donna and best friend Jackie, lives of the party.
Great shot of the Feldman family, love, love, love.

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