Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hanalei, the crown jewel of Hawaii

Hanalei Valley on the north shore of Kauai is one of the most attractive and tranquil places in all the Hawaiian islands and one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Backed by incredibly beautiful mountains with waterfalls tumbling down its sheer sides, Hanalei is a sprawling community of wooden houses with pretty gardens and quaint one lane bridges running over streams that overflow after rain. The famous Hanalei Bay with its perfect beach is a surfing and swimming paradise due to its consistently big waves and warm waters. Many movie stars and the wealthy spend their holidays here as Hanalei is a favourite destination for the experienced traveller. Walking tracks and hiking trails into valleys and kayaking up streams and around Hanalei Bay are favourite day activities. There are two particularly scenic lookouts. The Hanalei Valley scenic overlook which peers down into the valley floor with its neat squares of taro plantations hemmed in by irrigation streams. Taro is a staple food product and is considered the potato of the tropics, it has been a part of the diet of the ancient as well as modern Hawaiians alike. The Hanalei valley is a designated Wildlife Sanctuary rich in native water birds including the Hawaiian coot, duck and stilt, and is a peaceful place to explore. The other, a mile to the north of Hanalei Town, is the overlook at Lamaha'i Beach towards the stunning tropical backdrop of jagged lush green mountains of the Na Pali cliffs and coast, which itself is only accessible by boating or hiking. Put Hanalei on the top of your Hawaiian to-do list as it is the emerald green jewel on the crown of the Hawaiian Islands.
The mountains of Hanalei
Beautiful Hanalei Bay and the mountainside jutting into the beach that looks like 
a sleeping dragon as we all know to be the famed Puff the Magic Dragon
I love it here
Hanalei valley with taro plantations
Taro fields and wildlife refuge for endangered birds
A close up view of the taro fields
Bali Hai, the beach made famous in the movie, South Pacific

A lovely home in Hanalei 
Overlook of the Hanalei valley
Bali Hai beach

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