Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boy Butter Propaganda Machine in Chicago for IML 2011

Well the eighth anniversary of Boy Butter Personal Lubricants happens this very weekend. In Chicago at the marketplace section of the annual International Mr. Leather competition in 2003, Boy Butter was first brought to market. I was but a 25 year old kid in speedos and sneakers slinging my almost homemade personal lubricant to a crowd of gay fetish enthusiasts and those that love them and sold out completely. Eight years later of slippery wonderfulness at the same event and I am proud to say Boy Butter is still here and going strong. The beautiful Windy City of Chicago has hosted IML every year since 1978 and like me is 33 years old. To prepare I always arrive into town a few days early to prepare the city and it's famous gay village of Boystown on Halstead Street where my product is available in almost every adult and gay novelty store around. My posters are put up in stores, bars and landmarks so everyone walking about can feel the Boy Buttery goodness and know that this is the time of year when Chicago celebrates the birth of my little brainchild. 
Goodbye Oprah, Hello Boy Butter!
Boy Butter poster on gay landmarks along Halstead St.
BB poster on Cupid's adult store
Boy Butter poster next to the entrance to Chicago's oldest gay bar from 1977, 
the year I was born ; )
Buttered up stop sign
I took advantage of some abandoned stores
The window of Beatnix second hand store proudly displays my poster
A perfect place for a poster, wouldn't you say?
Inside the restroom of Bucks bar, over the urinals, 
well everyone will see it won't they?

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