Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boy Butter Fresca is the way to cool down this Summer

If you have not heard of Boy Butter Fresca yet, than today is your lucky day. After six months of grueling laboratory work and countless batteries of enjoyable product testing, I had discovered a new masterpiece Boy Butter formula. Boy Butter Fresca is a mildly cooling and tingly personal lubricant with a slight hint of menthol, it is ever so subtle yet extra more fun. A perfect addition to the Boy Butter Personal Lubricant family of products and formulas. Please know that I do consider the Boy Butter Fresca formulas to be my masterpiece formulas. Fresca means fresh in Spanish (and also a famous soda pop), and the effect it has gives one a fresca perspective to our sinful little pleasures. We have 2 different types of Boy Butter Fresca, one is oil based and the other Boy Butter Fresca H20 which is 100% vaginal and latex safe, they come in travel size 3 oz and 5 oz EZ Pump.

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