Monday, May 24, 2010

Bar Rafaeli busted trying to smuggle iPad into Israel

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is smuggling more than raisins this time. She was caught trying to smuggle an iPad into the country.
Refaeli put her luggage through the nothing-to-declare line at customs, saying that all she had in her bags was clothing, but an X-ray of her bags showed a new Apple iPad.
The Israeli supermodel, who returned home to Israel to make a brief commercial appearance, will have to pay at least twice the amount of import tax that would have been charged on the device.
Israel recently lifted a ban allowing personal imports of the iPad into the country. Items brought into Israel worth more than about $200 are subject to duties.
In January, Refaeli asked the Israel Tax Authority to exempt her from paying taxes because she works mostly abroad and, as she put it, "The center of my life is no longer in Israel." Refaeli earned about $2 million over the past two years, according to reports, and paid about 46 percent in taxes in Israel.

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