Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Times of Israel: The Israeli Origin of 'The First Gay Infomercial'

The current TV ad for Boy Butter, a personal lubricant targeting gay customers, is dubbed “The first gay infomercial.” This amusing infomercial-style ad presents a shirtless guy standing in his kitchen wearing only an apron while raving about “the wonder of the product,” complete with a demonstration of a cucumber engaging in an unseemly act with a laundry sock.

The man behind the Boy Butter brand is Eyal Feldman, a 37 year old Israeli from New York who decided to take on the embarrassment and stigma surrounding sexual lubricants, and for him the secret is the packaging. “Boy Butter packaging is meant to evoke that traditional down-home American butter containers found in every super market and grocery store,” Feldman says. “This is my schtick, adult products in food packaging, because no one is ashamed of buying food, it’s just visually more palatable.”

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