Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Best 36th birthday ever!

     This past weekend I threw an awesome 36th birthday party at my house, McFeldern Gardens. It was fun, fabulous and filled with close friends and confidants. This gaggle of gays & gals are amazing friends who helped me celebrate my 36th rotation around the Sun in style. The food was delicious and plentiful, the drink was constant and conversation was light and fun. The evening could not have gone better and was a most magical night. To add to that magic was the presence of my new special friend, Rupaul, who in fact shares the same birthday with me so we are birthday twins on Nov 17th, Scorpios rule! 
Check out these cool photos from the party.
Ru and Eyal 
Fellow Scorpio, Angela, who brought her own "I love Ang"
sunglasses to the party for people to wear.
Peter Cooney III proclaiming his love of wine and Ang
Brendan loving Ang and Eric Leven too.
Happy Birthday to me!

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