Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boy Butter posters line Berlin streets for upcoming Folsom Europe

      Schoenberg is Berlin's main gay neighborhood and site of Folsom Europe, a huge gay fetish oriented festival this weekend. The fetish scene contains my target Boy Butter demographic, 30's to 50's gay male leather men, who literally use Boy Butter hand over fist. That is why I papered the entire area in my new Boy Butter posters to better guerrilla market the heck out of it. If you are in Berlin, please come visit the festival and stop by the Boy Butter booth to say hi. I can promise that the people watching is super fun and the folks very friendly. Don't forget to visit me at the Boy Butter booth on Fuggerstrasse. Boy Butter is sold in many adult oriented stores and fetish shops, the most popular in the area are Mr. B and Rob Berlin. Have fun, stay safe and butter up!
Photos of Boy Butter posters

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