Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I swoon for Jinkx Monsoon in The Vaudevillians

Last night Brendan and I went to see The Vaudevillians, a cabaret show starring Jinkx Monsoon, season 5 winner of Rupaul's Drag Race, and her musical partner, Major Scales. The show is about a Vaudeville duo Kitty Witles & Dr. Dan Von Dandy who were buried in an avalanche in the 1920's while touring in Antartica and frozen alive. Now global warming has thawed them out and they're back and hotter than ever! Singing live the whole time, dancing and bantering with the audience, Jinkx shows off tons of talent and is a true star onstage, while Major Scales, who plays the drag star's "husband," is the invaluable straight man and piano player during the non-stop two-hour stage spectacle. Belting out modern tunes in a twenties style, this show will have you laughing, hooting, and clapping for more.  
Even with the show being extended several times, now through October, "The Vaudevillians" has being selling out, so act fast to see "America's next drag superstar" in the flesh. Speaking of flesh, we got to meet Jinkx and Major after the show, chat, snap some photos and I left them with a couple samples of Boy Butter Lubes (my interactive business card).

To buy tickets, click here.

Glamorous Jinkx and Major 

Jinkx looked gorgeous and sounded ever better

I swoon for Jinkx monsoon

Putting on an angry face

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