Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gay tourism at its peak in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been titled the gay capital of the Middle East. Some would even go as far as calling it the newest gay capital of Europe, due to all the European tourists flocking in all year round, but especially during this period, in honor of the city's gay pride week.

Nadav PeretzFounder of 'Fabulous Israel',  Boutique Gay Travel:

“In the past 5 years we see big numbers, thousands of gay tourists; from the United States and Europe come to Israel. Every summer we see a growing number of those tourists who come here, that they want to enjoy Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the highlight of gay Israel, it was chosen in a few gay magazines as one of the number one destination for gays in the world, not only for the good looking guys that we have here in Tel Aviv and in Israel, and the beautiful beach that we have in Tel Aviv, and of course the people of Tel Aviv that are very open and liberal and they accept the gay people, not only those in Tel Aviv but those who come from abroad to Israel.” 
Nadav Peretz, an openly gay Tel Avivian, realized there was a great demand in the city for a gay travel agency which will cater to the community and their needs. “We see like huge numbers of gays tourists who come to Tel Aviv every year. They come, they enjoy and the next year they come back and they bring their friends with them, and "Fabulous Israel" really brings them the best of Israel, we like to show them like not only Tel Aviv but also other places in Israel.” 

Peretz's travel company hosts gay visitors from all over the world, takes them around, and shows them a good time.

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