Monday, May 20, 2013

Boy Butter presents Hedda's Classics at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas

       New York City is full of fun stuff to do, but if you are in town you should consider joining us at Clearview Cinemas in Chelsea on Thursdays & Saturday nights at 7 pm and 9:30 pm for Hedda's Classics. Enjoy a classic film at only $7.50 per ticket and you will get a hilarious green haired drag queen, Hedda Lettuce who will make you giggle like mad plus three lucky winners will receive fabulous prizes like the grand prize winners will be taking home a full sized Boy Butter Gold Label, a 16 oz family size. Come see a classic film with a fun audience and join us at least once, we promise you will love, love, love it and come back for more. Check out some photos of Hedda, Boy Butter and a lucky winner from a recent Saturday show.
The hostess with the mostess, Hedda Lettuce
Boy Butter Posters
Boy Butter prizes
Close up of the Boy Butter Gold Label and Boy Butter Fresca
A happy winner of Boy Butter Gold Label

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