Monday, June 25, 2012

Marching with Israel in NYC's Gay Pride Parade 2012

Yesterday was so fun marching with the Israeli contingent of the Gay Pride Parade in NYC. This was my second year marching and it was bigger, louder and dare I say even more fun than last year. We played Israeli music and danced around wearing our Gay Zionist pride on our sleeveless t's. It is an honor to march for Israel in my own city and help spread the word about Israel's amazing liberal and free culture which is one of the few things that are right about the current Middle East, and hopefully this tolerant message will spread (like butter) and LGBT folks everywhere around the world will know that in Israel like the USA, you are free to live and love whoever you want and be whatever you want.
Flagging down 5th Ave with Michael Lucas right behind me
Marching past the Boy Butter offices on 5th ave and 27th, look up :  )
Having a gay ol time
I love parades
Shalom kids!

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