Monday, January 23, 2012

Boy Butter is proud to support the National Union of Jewish LGBT Students

        I am proud to be attending a happy hour this Sunday at Elmo for a first ever fundraiser for the National Union of Jewish LGBT Students.  NUJLS is the national organization brining together Jewish LGBT college students. And for over thirteen years they have held annual conferences hosting hundreds of students, and supporting these students to develop strong and healthy identities. But for the first time this year, NUJLS is going above and beyond and planning to expand from just an annual conference to a year round organization, with programs and initiatives that will support students across the country throughout the year with multiple projects in line. So they pleased to announce that they are having their first ever fundraiser, January 29th in New York City.  This is an amazing milestone and as a Jewish and Israeli member of the LGBT community, I wanted to invite all my friends and supporters personally to this great opportunity to support the future of our community.

When: January 29th 5-7pm
Where: Elmo Lounge (157 7th Ave)
Suggested Donation: $36

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