Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hedda Lettuce's Holiday Show, Lettuce Rejoice, starts this weekend

       Lettuce Rejoice is the perfect present to give your self for the holidays. Out right belly laughs are the free gifts with purchase with each ticket sold. Every night, Hedda will be giving away a basket filled with Boy Butter Lubricant to one lucky patron. I am moist like a little Debbie snack treat just thinking about it! The very talented Paul Leschen will be accompanying Hedda on piano (he played on the Scissor Sisters first album). Tickets sell out fast so make your reservations todayHedda’s crisp comedy and delicious song parodies have made this festive celebration a hit for the past ten years. Look forward to hearing such songs as, ‘Here Comes Tranny Clause’, the classic song, ‘Sleigh Ride’, in Hedda’s hands turns into a gay mans quest for sex on Grinder, and ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ is now, ‘Do You Think That He’s Queer,’ about a fag hag desperately seeking a sexual relationship with a gay man. Plus, a holiday homage to the recently departed Amy Winehouse. Too soon perhaps? Not for the sardonic Miss Lettuce. The Holidays are upon us, now that Lettuce Rejoice 2011 is around the corner. Playing at the famed cabaret club, The Metropolitan Room, in Chelsea I ask you, “how can a girl go wrong?”   

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