Friday, November 4, 2011

A Prose Poem On Hawaii

by Mark Twain 

No alien land in all the world has any deep, strong charm for me but that one; no other land could so longingly and beseechingly haunt me sleeping and waking, through half a lifetime, as that one has done. Other things leave me, but it abides; other things change but it remains the same. For me its balmy airs are always blowing, its summer seas flashing in the sun; the pulsing of its leaping cascades, its plumy palms drowsing by the shore; its remote summits floating like islands above the cloud-rack; I can feel the spirit of its woodland solitude; I can hear the path of its brooks. In my nostrils still lives the breath of a flower that perished twenty years ago.

Beach at Poipu

Floral hedge
House with Blue floral hedge
Poipu lifeguard tower at beach

My little Macadamia nut, Robert Noble (great friend)
Kauai hillside
Abandoned Coco Palms Hotel, (famous hotel of Elvis's Hawaii movies)
Dilapidated Coco Palms
Kauai Beach

Walking to the beach

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