Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seamus Franck and I love exploring The Highline, NYC's hottest new park

My cute little buddy and first floor neighbor, Seamus Franck and I hang out a couple times a month and take a walk or go out and explore Manhattan, especially in the summertime. He is a great little explorer cause he is always up for a little sunshine, a little stroller, a little playground and alot of fun. Today we visited the The Highline Park famous new city park that runs through our neighborhood, Chelsea. The High Line is a New York City park that is an elevated railroad line that runs from West 12th Street up along the West side to 30th Street it has been redesigned and planted as a beautiful aerial greenway, which is the most unique and beautiful park to visit in Manhattan right now. I took some photos of today's adventure with Famous Seamus.

Seamus and I are ready to stroll 
Arrived at the Highline and we are already admiring the scenery.

So many beautiful accents to the park
Seamus took this photo, not bad huh?
Seamus loves to point out the train tracks embedded in the walkway garden.
Nice views of the street below
Seamus loves these flowers, so do I. Lets take a closer look.
A closer look
It's fun to look at the New York streets like you are watching a movie.

Fun Video Goofiness at the Playground

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