Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boy Butter celebrates 7 years at Chicago's Intl. Mr. Leather

This Memorial Day weekend was amazing as Boy Butter Lubricants celebrated 7 years and broke all past IML trade show sales records. The trade fair was in conjunction with the 32nd annual International Mr. Leather Competition, whose 2010 winner is a female to male transexual in a wheelchair (Now, I've seen everything). With the help of my best friend Xavier and my trusted hubby Brendan, we celebrated 7 years of Boy Buttery goodness in beautiful downtown Chicago by spreading the butter as far as the eye could see.
The show is 4 days of long hours and intense salesmanship and good times!
Me in my apron on Day 2 of IML trade fair, notice the guy to my right getting his teeth whitened. I like the contract between tooth whitening and personal lubricants.
My best friend about to give a helping hand to a poor fellow 
who was obviously in the middle of taking a bath.
Don't even ask about this fetish.

International Mr. Leather 2010 Winner: Tyler McCormick, Mr. (or Ms.?) Rio Grande Leather

Friendship and love at the annual Dee Simmons's BBQ sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

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