Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fox News: White House Christmas Tree Ornament Controversy brings drag queen Hedda Lettuce into spotlight

Hedda Lettuce on White House Christmas ornament - December 23, 2009
Hedda Lettuce on White House Christmas ornament - December 23, 2009
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December 24, 2009 – Hedda Lettuce is a well known, semi-famous New York drag queen sponsored by Boy Butter Lubricants has put on a show for years with never so much as a controversy. However, within mere hours, one of the trends for December 23 became Hedda Lettuce.

Why? Apparently, Hedda Lettuce is the subject of an ornament hanging on the official White House Christmas tree.

The White House solicited Christmas ornaments from the public and non-profits to put on White House trees. This is done well in advance of hanging the decorations. So, once the ornaments comes in, they are sifted through at which time a designing supervisor -- in this case Simon Doonan, creative director for New York's upscale Barney’s department store -- comes in to put the ornaments where they need to go in order to make the tree look gorgeous.

That said, it's interesting how Hedda Lettuce got the ornament into the White House in the first place. Describing the situation as harmless, the long time entertainer signed a Christmas tree decoration, then put it in a box of ornaments to go to our nation's capital. This was done when Lettuce volunteered at New York's SAGE center.

According to the enthusastic entertainer's blog, finding out the bulb was on the tree was a big shocker.

“I was doing some volunteer work with SAGE at the Gay Community Center in NYC. SAGE is an organization that helps elderly gay people by providing them social activities and a community space to hang out with their peers," says Hedda Lettuce. 

"So a few of us gathered around pots of glue, brushes and torn paper to decoupage the afternoon away. After I was done with my ornament, I discreetly signed it-xoxo Hedda Lettuce, let it dry, and then placed it in a box to be shipped to Washington. I completely forgot about it until yesterday when I received an excited phone call from Bertis, one of the executives at SAGE,” writes Hedda Lettuce.

Hopefully this trinket to the President for the First Family tree will mean a huge career boost for Hedda Lettuce. Maybe the performer will even be given a trip to Hollywood for a Christmas special as a result. You never know. We will just have to wait to see, won't we?

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