Friday, November 13, 2009

CrabbyGolightly: Anal Love: Yes Or No?

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Dear Klutz:

Oh, butt sex. So often joked about, talked about, and written about, yet so few seem to know how to do it in a way that satisfies all parties involved.

Anal isn't always easy, but when it's done right it is oh…so…right. For everyone -- men, women, gay, straight, whatever.

First of all, I suggest some mood creation. You can't just stick it in someone's ass without softening 'em up first.
John Legend's Once Again album is good. Also, red wine is good. I hear doing coke is good too, especially since it makes you take monstrous shits, but would NOT suggest that due to, you know, legal and health issues.

A great lube option is Boy Butter, which my friend swears by. "It's super creamy but not greasy," is her testimony. "It's really thick and silky. You only need a little bit and it doesn't dry up.” The thing about Boy Butter (unless it’s their “Boy Butter H20” line) is that it’s oil-based, so you can't use it with condoms. Bareback only, my friend. (Or with toys.)

For many first-timers, missionary position is the way to go. It puts the receiver in a position that is more relaxed (lying down and less vulnerable) and relaxation is KEY. You can try receiver-on-top, though I've never been able to swing it. If you do decide to try doggy, have the giver sit back on his (or her, with a strap-on) heels while the receiver lowers back onto the D, controlling the velocity and depth of the penetration.

If the receiver is a woman, try using a vibrator on her clit! If you don’t have a vibe, have her rub her clit, or you rub it for her. If you’re doing it doggy style, a friendly reach-around is always a fantastic addition. This has always helped me to enjoy anal, which has not always been fun. Don’t expect great things immediately. For most people, it’s a commitment, a process. But I think it’s worth it.

Mood, Lube, Preparation, and Safety! Butt sex for all!

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