Monday, October 12, 2009

Having a Better Orgasm with Boy Butter

by Robert Thomson

Having an orgasm is not necessarily the hard part, but being able to have one that is wonderful, explosive and unlike any other feeling the world is something you have to work for. Not everyone knows there body inside and out and can figure out what it takes to achieve euphoria, so there are things that will help you discover it along the way.

Probably the best and most efficient way to have an orgasm quickly is with masturbation. If you get right down to it, this is the case because with solo sex you are in complete control of your body, movements, speed, and emotions. Masturbation is the best and most fundamental way to explore your body and discover parts of your sexuality that you never knew about; it is a sexual activity that everyone should try at least once. Boy butter, Gun Oil and KY lube are great accessories to any masturbation session and do not need to be used sparingly. Boy Butter is cool because it is water soluble, super slick, and smooth and creamy. Boy Butter is a blend of vegetable oils and silicone which makes it a perfect consistency to stroke your erect penis. Gun oil is a lubricant that is really made for a man and it is also compatible with latex condoms.

It comes from a time when men were away at war and actually had to use real gun oil to masturbate. KY Jelly is a water based and water soluble personal lubricant so it is also very compatible with the latex that are in condoms. KY Jelly is one of the more widely known lubes, but Boy Butter and Gun Oil are quickly emerging as leading competitors in this niche market as well.

Boy Butter, Gun Oil and KY Jelly are also great items to accompany any type of sexual activity, not just masturbation. Anal sex is one type that has made Boy Butter extremely popular because the anal and rectum areas are very sensitive parts of the body. If not prepared properly, the anus and rectum can tear easily and become very susceptible to infection. This is why it is imperative to use something like Boy Butter to lubricate the area before attempting intercourse. The best thing to do with your partner, or by yourself, is to decide what you are going to be using the personal lubricant for. Then it will be very easy to choose between Boy Butter, Gun Oil and KY Jelly for your personal needs.

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