Monday, August 3, 2009

Please sponsor my marathon swim.

Dear Friends and Family:

I am doing my annual summer marathon swim for charity and I am asking for all of your help. Last summer you helped me raise $1100 for SAGE. This year I’m participating in a 5k/3.3 mile open water swim race from Long Island to Fire Island on Saturday, Aug. 22.

All the money we raise with the event will go to a local charity called Stonewall Community Foundation, which is like a United Way-esque foundation that gives to needy gay-related charities in NYC (a GREAT organization for whom I have the utmost respect). I'm trying to raise $1,500, and I will appreciate ANY form of contribution you may be able to afford, no matter how small, but if you can at least send $25 or more that will be doing a mitzvah, which is a blessing plus and it is tax deductible.

You can donate on our Facebook 'Cause' page by following the link below which offers an extremely easy and secure payment via credit card. I will be notified of any contributions made.\

You can also send checks payable to Stonewall Community Foundation, and mail checks to:

Eyal Feldman, 261 West 22nd # 28, NY NY 10011.

Thank you for your continuing support in helping improve the world.


Eyal Feldman, Marathon Swimmer Extraordinaire

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