Monday, April 6, 2009

Top Model Donna Feldman shares her Swimwear Style Guide for Spring 2009.

By Donna Feldman 

From a degree in fashion marketing/merchandising and years of modeling in swimsuits, I've gathered enough information to give you some helpful secret tips to finding the best swimsuit for your body shape.

Like most women, I'm sure you get confused which type of swimwear will go with your body type and sometimes panic everytime swimsuit season comes around the corner. Well fear no more! I have come up with a style guide to make you look and feel your best .There is no doubt that right kind of swimwear can highlight your great body parts while concealing your body flaws. All it takes is identifying your body type and then finding the swimsuit that's most flattering on you. The goal is to conceal the parts you don't love and show off the parts you do; while finding the perfect kind of swimwear just for you!

1. For disguising your shape, go for a one piece suit only as it will control your tummy area in the best way. Sometimes these suits looks simple from the outside, but they actually have hidden control panels which can flatten your tummy, giving you a sleek, sexy look on the beach! Wearing bold printed swimwear is also a great way to disguise your body shape.

2. If you feel that your legs are short or not very toned, then try a high cut leg, which will make your legs appear longer. The other shapes you can try are bikinis that tie on the sides. You can pull up the sides and adjust to wherever you feel most comfortable.

3. If you are very self conscious about your backside and have more of a pear shaped frame, then a hipster style short can be a good option. A hipster style boy short will give you a better coverage around your hips and bottom. Not only is it stylish, but it's very flattering ! Another great alternative are skirted swim suits which come in many different styles and patterns. The skirt flatters a fuller bottomed body type and will give you a more balance look will give you the confidence you need poolside.

4. If you have a smaller bust and want to enhance it the most you can then you have 2 great options. You can either try a halter bikini top that has a seam just under the bust line or a sexy padded underwire style. There is no reason why you should save the sexy push up bra style for lingerie puropses only.

5. If you have more of an athletic swimmers slender body then a belted bathing suit bottom could give a nice illusion of a defined waistline. You can aport that classic bond-girl inspired suit that never goes out of style!

The bottom line is Comfort = Confidence. This is huge factor when determining which suit to buy. If you are comfortable then your confidence will shine through. When you have confidence it won't matter which body part isn't exactly perfect because your positive attitude will conceal any flaws Confidence is what a man finds sexy and when you strut your stuff in your most flattering swimsuit, you will be the hottest girl out there! You don't want to feel scared to get up from your beach-chair. You also want to make sure to buy a suit made with good quality fabric and lining. Trust me, you don't want to buy a suit that can fly off the moment you move around in the pool! Wether it's support, control, or enhancements you need there are so many different options out there to help you when picking the right swimsuit . Luckily gives us as countless amazing options to choose from!

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