Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New: Boy Butter Commercial feat. Hedda Lettuce commercial featuring, Hedda Lettuce.

You have to check out this hilarious new commercial, a collaboration of pure kitsch and glamor. Boy Butter Personal Lubricants and the famous gorgeous green haired singing diva from New York City, Hedda Lettuce.
Hedda recently graced Bravo's Project Runway this past season as the "sleeveless drag queen" and Boy Butter has been sponsoring all of Hedda's appearances and and movie hosting since 2007.

Hedda Lettuce has been seamlessly incorporating Boy Butter products into her shows up and down the East Coast from Provincetown, Fire Island to the island of Manhattan.


Hunter's Quiver said...

this. is. hilarious.
hedda lettuce

Anonymous said...

Hi i've met heda lettuce and seen her perform live and she is freaking amazing! She sings her songs live and has real talent. A great story teller and great singer. The project runway appearence was funny but her live show is freakn hilarious. If you have the chance to see her, go do it. She raised the bar very high when it comes to drag performances. A drag who actually sing livev and has talent! Who knew???

xoxo Marc in Phoenix!

Anonymous said...

i hope to find it also in italy


Hedda Housekeeping said...

I'm Hedda Housekeeping, and here at the Gay Bath House, Boy Butter always comes clean in the Laundry room ! I highly recommend it ! Pick up a tub today !