Tuesday, July 22, 2008

El Chico de Mantequilla

The photo above of Boy Butter owner Eyal Feldman, titled 'Melted Butters' was taken by my brilliant sister, Supermodel and Photographer, Donna Feldman

Today is the first day of the Boy Butter Blog. I thought that since everyone around me has leaped into the twenty-first century, as do they so must I. As for this blog my overarching theme will be a mix of my business and personal life, because in reality the two are much intertwined.
As the Boy Butter Boy, or as I call myself sometimes, El Chico de Mantequilla. I find myself fighting friction in more ways than one. Boy Butter Lubricants is more than 5 years old now and the adventure is still wild and crazy.

Check out my latest TV commercial on Bravo in the LA market on YouTube.

For more info on my products please check. www.boybutter.com

I also have a line for the ladies called www.luckylubes.com
To purchase lubes, toys and other novelties, please visit www.shoplube.com


Knucklecrack said...

What a "slick" blog! Get it? Slick?

Unknown said...

I love you and your butter. Yet, why didn't we see each other in LA.

I don't know what El Chico De Matequilla means, but i assume it's hot mother fucker

Unknown said...

AS the voice of Boy Butter and all of its subsideries let me just say how much I LOVE Boy Butter...seriously, its still my absolute favorite after all of the ones I have had to try for work...I love it, and I adore Eyal! Holy hot pic dude! If I wasn't married and you weren't gay! Grrrrr :)